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So Much Going On Here!

Don't let the lack of recent blog posts fool you. Times are very busy and very exciting at Inventure! KSL.  Our bunny Newton has become so popular that he requested we adopt a few other animals to take a little pressure off him.  Have we ever said "no" to Newton?

In no particular order, we have the smartest baby rat in town, Mrs. Cool. We are now the proud custodians of cockroach babies and a snake named Scotty V. And, finally, Hermie the hermit crab has two new pals. Turns out hermit crabs like company. They do bury themselves in the sand from time to time, but they thrive in the company of their fellow arthropod pals. Speaking of arthropods, we also have giant African millipedes.

Mainly I wanted to say a word about little Mrs. Cool today. I constructed an apparatus in the turtle pool. Lots of obstacles and dead ends. Put some food at the top of one of several towers made out of cardboard rolls (paper towel roll cardboard, one of the most-used lab resources, along with duct tape). It took her about two hours but she found the reward. She kept checking back for more food in that location, so I rewarded her several times. Then I moved the food reward to a different tower. The nose knows, and she soon found it. That's one smart rat! You can see her in the picture.

We keep Mrs. Cool very far away from Scotty V. That should go without saying. He's never bitten a human, according to my friends at Captive Born Reptiles, on Morse Road. Great store. (Not if you're a mouse or rat or one of those morbidly obese rabbits they keep on hand for the boa constrictors at the Columbus Zoo.) Anyway, he's a gentle and curious soul, with a penchant for tongue-flicking my earlobe. Make no mistake, though--when it comes to feeding he's a very serious snake. Mrs. Cool was supposed to be his Wednesday feeding but she was too smart and awesome. So I bought a live mouse trap and supplied him with a nuisance from our kitchen. I have video footage of the encounter but I think I'll leave that for another post. Reality is not pretty sometimes...if you're reading this and thinking, "how cruel!" just remember that every time you go to the reptile part of the zoo or see a pet reptile, these animals do not thrive on vegetable material.

As for Madagascar Hissing cockroaches, all I can say is this: we had three adults for less than a week and now we have 30 or 40. Good thing for cheesecloth because otherwise the little ones could walk right out of the slits on top of the critter cage.

That's all for now. If you're not aware of the Science Summit on May 16, you really need to check it out. Why do adult humans make computer viruses? Never understood that. Get a real hobby! Anyway, we need the kids' help. We'll build virus-proof computers from scratch. Be there or be square!