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Welcome to Inventure! Kids' Science Lab

What We Do:

  • Spark interest
  • Foster questioning
  • Promote collaboration

We make science fun! If your school, group, or party seeks to share a jazzed-up science/technology/design experience in or around Columbus, Ohio, please reach out through our Contact Form, or call us at 614.702.3487.

Watch It Happen!

Custom Programs We Bring to You For:

Our science activity programs have been lab tested and continually refined with kids of all ages, pre-K through 12. We have packaged them for all sizes and types of group activity. Presentation may differ, depending on venue and group size. Find what best meets your needs.


Introducing STEM-Winders™!


A different kind of science experience.

Bring our Inventure! Kids' Science Lab experiences to your kids, as a family or group activity.

Each STEM-Winder™ was developed and tested by Inventure! Kids' Science Lab with kids of all ages.The name reflects our commitment to (1) teaching to STEM requirements and standards, and (2) igniting kids' natural curiosity, ingenuity, and enthusiasm.

Ever had a science kit with missing items, defective experiments, frustrating instructions, et cetera? So have we. No more! Each “kit” comes with a music video showing both how to do the activity and exemplifying an important process skill, such as perseverance, collaboration, and creativity. Browse our online store for more information about current and future STEM-Winders™.

 Click on the STEM-Winder™ logo for a video demonstration.

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